Sunday 6 May 2012

OK, so I've been really slack...

About writing this blog.
The last thing I remember I was working on the ATS and trying to get back in shape.
Completed the test and did enough to pass, we'll see what everything else has to say.

Started working with a nutrition coach, Sherri Kruger of Newtrition 911 and that has worked out to be a really great partnership. I've lost 20lbs and gained so much perspective and insight.

Since I haven't heard back from the testing I've started a new workout and thats coming along well.
If you're trying to lose weight or otherwise improve your life I urge you contact Sherri at:

I was a doubter, but I'm a believer now.

Also I've been busy with the Welland Historical Museum board. The museum reopens on May 15!
Looking forward to being there!

The rest of my time is spent volunteering with the red cross as a driver!

So, I'm keeping busy but I should still find time to put words on the page.


1 comment:

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