Monday, 6 February 2012

tired of the smack

Let me get this off my chest.

I hate the NY Giants.

There was never such a horseshoe up your ass franchise as the G-men.

They run their clective mouth and never get called on it. Put a sock in it. You put the rock on the ground TWICE and it bounced your way. Wes Welker drops a pass that he should have caught. In fact there was a whole lot of patriots not catching the ball going on.

As for this smack that Eli Manning owns Tom Brady? Please.
Eli is a great quarterback. An elite quarterback. He is a quarterback that has receivers make UNBELIEVABLE CATCHES for him. They don't call that one that was on Tyree's helmet "THE THROW". Manninham catching that ball at the sideline like that, and trust me there wasn't anyone around who wanted that to not be a catch more than me, was spectacular.
It only makes Welker, and Hernandez (who just took his eye off the ball and started to turn) and Branch, Branch dropping it 3 times look that much worse.

For those who said Brady is done and his legacy is tarnished i say if it weren't for Welker, Gronkowski and Brady the Patriots wouldn't even be there.
Their secondary was built from gun tape and chicken wire. Anyone else remember them losing to the BILLS for crying out loud?

G-men. Have some dignity. It was a close game, You played hard and pulled it out.

Enough said.


  1. Tell us how you REALLY feel Bill! ;) This happens after every Super Bowl. And the media doesn't help. I'm just glad I didn't see it and I am not really a fan of either team.

  2. I thought it was a great game. In the modern era with salary caps we will always see flawed teams and I think that's what makes it much more interesting than the football of the 70s-90s.
    This is the best era for Superbowls with every game being within a score and played down to the wire. Amazing.